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Unprecedented challenges bring us alignment of mind, body and heart in many new ways. Awaken Coaching and our Unity Consciousness Tools offer exceptional opportunity uniting social, environmental, economic and health vitality.

Build personal energy to exceptional levels with inner healing, creative heart centred awakening, and conscious relationship with every conscious being.

Looking for our Harmoniser pendants for a strong, healhty and immune bio-field to protect from 4G, 5G and toxic environment and our Energisers creating vortex structure returning health, energy and vitality to water? Enter the exploration within the headings above.

Explore enlightened caring team support sharing your life with our Energy Harmonisers and David today

David Baillie, Awakening Consciousness Coach, Naturopath, Energy Medicine
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David Baillie ND, BSc, RBT, RTC
Energy Living, Conscious Awakening Fasting and Cleansing Experiences

Email: David @ unity conscious .org (no spaces)
Phone: 64 (0) 211-22-0910
Harmony Forest, 239 Waitati Valley Rd, RD 2 Waitati NZ 9085

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ENERGISE          HARMONISE          REVITALISE          EAT          LEARN