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Personal PHI Harmoniser Pendants

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants
Copper, Silver, Gold, Ruthenium and Rhodium

Bio-Geometry, Bio-Mimicry, Human Shape and Weather Patterns. Spirals Increase Energy and Make Change.
Worn as pendant or in pocket to promote Bio-Energy, Health and EMF protection. Golden Phi ratio shape pprox 5 x 3cm, 17g for adults, vehicles and food cupboards. 33mm x 23mm, 7g for children, small plants and animals.

These pendants hold a very loving structured water in copper tubing and are plated with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for Special benefits

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Small Children, Plants and Animals
Adults, Vehicles and Food Storage

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Three Spirals

3 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants
Silver, Rose Gold and Ruthenium

She's a little beauty bringing balance and harmony to everything 3 and Water!

Ancient Celtic Triskele design close to 4cm in diameter and 12-13g to wear and about 6cm diameter and 23g to create positive energies in bedroom, clinic, kitchen, living and waiting room. Beneath their metal every pendant is filled with high frequency resonant energy water for maximum health benefit. Copper or plating with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for additional benefits

Personal Size
Room Size

Four Spirals

4 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants
Silver, Gold and Rhodium

4 Corner Harmonisers heal and bring balance to earth, water, fire and air energy within and at home, work and during travel. Filled with high frequency resonant energy water these strengthen natural bio-energies and protect from EMF, WiFi and other "negatives". Near to 40x54mm and 19g to wear and about 60x84mm and 43g to display in home or office for contentment, energy and Healing Benefits

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Energise the Bedroom, Home and Playspace

Computer Harmoniser

Computer Harmoniser in leather pouch

Two Copper Personal Harmonisers sealed snugly in deep dark blue leather case to place by or under computer. Aout: 41mm x 75mm x 4mm with a stick back pad.

Computer, WiFi, Smart Appliance and Protection

Mobile Phone Harmoniser

Mobile Phonbe Harmoniser

Copper Personal Harmoniser sealed snugly in deep dark blue leather case to wear in pocket and place by phone

Pocket Pendant Protection

Breath in, sigh, focus on heart for clarity of mind, coherence and full creativity.


PHI Stirrer

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Energise drinks, smoothies and soups. Silver plated copper tubing in golden PHI proportion full of high-frequency full-spectrum water inside. About16x3cm, 21g.

Silver PHI Stirrers


EMF Space Harmoniser

EMF Vortex Air Energisers and Space Harmonisers

Lift up the energies of your room, life and even the air and water uwith larger 12 or 19 cm diameter and 12 to 18cm tall space harmonisers based on discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, John Keely and Masaru Emoto creating strong bio-energy fields protecting and healing people, animals and plants that can otherwise be affected by adverse earth, EMF, WiFi, electricity and cosmic energies. Had crafted in golden mean, PHI spiral proportions and filled with propreitory high-frequency water.

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Vortex Water Energisers

Vortex Clinic Energisers

Awaken every drop of water in your home. Put the life back in after filtration. Tie alongside you incoming water pipe.

Vortex Water Energy is the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger, the late Masaru Emoto, John Keely, Luc Montagneir and ourselves to enhance the quality of your living water. A unique feature is the high energy water in the Energiser that is able to transfer energy frequencies giving water a cool, more energetic, smooth taste. Microclusters, macroclusters and more sparkle may be anticipated in liquid cyrstalline water matrix.

Size approx 200mmH x 185mmW. Weight about 376g. Pictured below we firstsee the Kirlian Energy Field created by the Copper Vortex Energiser. Then attachment details. Then London tap water before treatment with two types of crystallisation present after. Reference.

London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water EnergiserCopper Vortex Water Energiser fitted alongside mains water pipe London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser
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Large Land and Industrial Water Energisers

Industrial Vortex Water Energiser and Land Energiser

3 - 4 times as potent Vortex Land and Industrial Sized Water Energiser have cooper tubing about 50% greater in diameter and hold about three times the volume of energised, high-frequency water that the standard Vortex Water Energiser has. Both increase aerobic actions that stimulates coompost, health in the soil and can halve plants needs for water and fertiliser. They can also stop the need to empty septic tanks, waste; stimulating compost and fertiliser response in farm, forest and industry. Approx 230mmH x 196mmW, 800g. Use this size for water pipes 25mm in diameter and larger. Effects on Water and Installation Instructions (pdf)

Large Vortex Energiser

Water Eggs

4.3 litre glazed ceramic water egg 1.5

Ceramic Water Eggs made of clay energise water with a continuous subtle PHI energy flow that produces a smooth, alive, clean tasting energy not present in tap, distilled and filtered water. Golden ratios spirals within the egg follow Viktor Schauberger'sdesign of the vortex torus.

Enjoy the 1.5 litre Water Egg Jug on your table and draw water from your 4.3 litre Harmoniser Water Egg for improved cooking, brewing, drinking and wine making. Receive poplar stand for the 4.3 litre or et us know wan oak or sapple stand. Both Water Eggs are glazed on the inside and include PHI Spiral Harmonisers. The Jug is turned upside down to fill and the 14 litre has a tap that is metal and food grade plastic. Care instructions and emailed to all customers.


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