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Letting the Earth Take Your Electrical Burdens and Improve Your Health for You

"The Physics of Earthing: A Discussion of Current Understanding". Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist, Developmental and Cell Biology Department, University of California at Irvine. From the book "Earthing - The most important healthy discovery ever?" by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. and Martin Zucker, 2010, p. 231-2.

"The Earth is the most negatively charged entity in the immediate human environment. As you lift off the surface and gain altitude, the electric potential increases by about 200 volts with every meter (200 V/m) This is a little known but well-established scientific fact. At several kilometres of altitude the vertical atmospheric voltage increase begins to slow. As you go higher, the increase shrinks to 150 to 100 volts per meter. At around 100 kilometers, the increase stops.

In fair weather, when the sky is blue and there are little or no clouds, the electric potential difference is 250,000 to 500,000 volts between the upper part of the atmosphere (called the ionosphere because it is ionized and so conducting) and the Earth's surface.

Fair weather atmosphere is not a good conductor (especially close to the ground), but it is not a perfect insulating medium either. There is a small current of electrons escaping the ground at a rate of about 1 microamp per square kilometre (approximately equivalent to a power loss of 1 microwatt per square kilometre). This is called the fair weather current, a component of an immense natural phenomenon known as the 'global electrical circuit'.

The global circuit is primarily recharged by cumulonimbus clouds. During an active thunderstorm, the collection of clouds in the storm generates an average current of about 1amp down to the surface of the Earth. There are an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 thunderstorms happening globally at any one time, and collectively these storms produce as many as 5,000 lightning strikes per minute. Thus an electrical current of 1,000 to 2,000amps is continually transferring a negative charge to the surface of the Earth and an equal and opposite charge to the upper atmosphere. The electrical charge continually flowing into the ionosphere from the cumulonimbus clouds maintains the fair weather current flowing to the surface ...

"Imagine yourself as a tall individual and you are wearing running shoes. Since you are a conductor, your electrical potential will be an average of about 200 volts (with a current continuously flowing on the surface of your body from head to foot."

If you live in an apartment 3 floors up and 5 metres above the ground your head has an electrical potential of about 1,000 volts and your feet have an electrical potential of about 600 volts relative to the Earth. "The higher you live off the ground, the higher your electric potential compared to the ground". (page 233).If you are on the earthed through a grounding matt or a standing on ground at that altitude your electrical potential drops again to 200 V/m x your height. Lying on a bed 50cm above the ground only 100 volts is trying to find its way to the ground over the surface of your body.

If you are lying on the ground only about 40 volts is needing to find its way to ground from the upper surface of your body and it you are touching the ground or a conductive surface connected to the ground that 40 volts is absorbed by the earth and there is no difference. When you are grounded you are in touch with the ground with zero electrical potential however high you are.If you are in a plane 10,000m up the electrical potential between you and the earth maybe be a little less than 2 million volts.Travelling in a car of a plane it is very helpful to touch the metal frame work as the mass of metal that frames the vehicle acts as an electrical sink taking most of the charge off you and storing it in the plane.

Touching Earth for about half an hour after getting out of the vehicle will take care of the rest, recharge your energy, boost your immune system, heal a lot of the damage caused by long periods of sitting and speed your recovery from travel sickness, jet lag and sick building/car/plane syndrome.When you are in such atmospheres or have an illness where lots of positive ions attach to you connecting yourself to Earth makes huge improvements to your health.

I recommend all my clients to earth and ground. It helps reduce any kind of inflammation, is the world's cheapest and most powerful anti-oxidant and boosts joy, happiness and energy levels.

David Baillie
Sacred Geometer, Spiritual ecologist, Author
Sacred Relationship Coach, Gemstone Energy Medicine