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< href = "">SuperFeasting Mushrooms awakening new energy within the body. Boost Qi Chi slipping into sleep quickly. Wake keen for life and energy to drink structured water, Kombucha, juice or herb tea and "Feast" periodically as you kind of a "Fast"  

Conscious Eating, Feasting and Fasting

Fasting Coaching Support Programs

Explore your options. Practices and Products. Programs and products are agreed upon and refundable for 30 days.

Fasts are energy feasts of super foods and our energies that you are choosing to have in your body. Best practice for highest energies and greatest levels of healing include pasture-fed, organic free-range, fresh wild-harvested and all food tested to be free of toxins and pollutants. Vortex water treatment makes sure you will no longer be affected by environmental toxins, geo-engineering, heavy metals, radioactivity and pharmaceutical drugs otherwise present in water worldwide and not removed by conventional filtration and distillation. Our Vortex Water Energisers, Harmonisers and Revitalisers provide the world with health solutions. Products page.

One Day Water Online

Energy and Healing with Living Structured Water

Bronze Choice: US$47 online when it suits you with our "Theory and Practice of Living Water Fasting" and "Bringing Water Alive" mini courses (Value US$157) and full support and guidance.

Silver Delight: US$110 online when it suits you with our "Theory and Practice of Living Water Fasting" and "Bringing Water Alive" mini courses (Value US$157), our full support and a Silver Phi Stirrer (value approx $57) for vortex structured water.

Gold Care: US$210 online when it suits you with our "Theory and Practice of Living Water Fasting" and "Bringing Water Alive" mini courses (Value US$157) and a NaturesDesign.NZ 1.3L Alladin Carafe and Affirmation Chakra Glass (Value US$105) with full support and guidance.

Platinum Level: US$257 online when it suits you with our "Theory and Practice of Living Water Fasting" and "Bringing Water Alive" mini courses (Value US$157) and a NaturesDesign.NZ 1.3L Alladin Carafe, Affirmation Chakra Glass and silver PHI stirrer (Value US$162) plus our full support and guidance.

Extend your supervision for longer fasting feasts for another US$27 a day

One Day Online Juice Fest

Cleanse and Heal with fruit and vegetable juice choice

Bronze Choice: US$47 online when it suits you with our

US$77 online when it suits you with our "Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting" and "Bringing Fasting Alive" mini courses and full support and guidance (Value $157)

Silver Delight: US$97 online when it suits with Instruction in our "Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting" and "Bringing Fasting Alive" mini courses (Value $157), your own silver-plated PHI Harmoniser pendant to harmonise your juices and all the fluids within you. (Shipped Value approx $50)

Gold care: US$117 online when it suits with Instruction in our "Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting" and "Bringing Fasting Alive" mini courses (Value $157), your own gold-plated PHI Harmoniser pendant to harmonise your juices and all the fluids within you. (Shipped Value approx $70)

Gold over Silver care: US$137 online when it suits with Instruction in our "Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting" and "Bringing Fasting Alive" mini courses (Value $157), your own gold-plated over silver-plated PHI Harmoniser pendant to harmonise your juices and all the fluids within you at peak level. (Shipped Value approx $90)

Platinum: US$140 online when it suits with Instruction in our "Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fasting" and "Bringing Fasting Alive" mini courses (Value $157), your own platinum-plated PHI Harmoniser pendant to harmonise your juices and all the fluids within you to platinum level. (Shipped Value approx $96)

Extend your supervision for longer fasting feasts for another US$27 a day

Keto Go Support Online

Ketogenic menus powered with superfoods, eggs, fish, dairy, meats and grain/carb days; with vegan and vegetarian options.

Keto gives effortless weight loss with greatly reduced food cravings, free of hunger, clearer skin, healthy metabolism, balanced hormones, clarity of mind and more energy. Those with Allergies, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Depression, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Parkinson's Disease, PMS, Poor memory and Polycystic Ovary Disease improve. Ketones improve sport performance and health as fuel. Diabetics usually need less insulin. We make no claims for what may happen in each individual case. Consult your health practitioner..

Keto recipies provided include hot chicken and beef bone broth soups, fish, eggs, smoothies and meals that include pasture-fed butter, cocoa butter (as in chocolates),\; ghee, coconut creams, milks and oils, hemp powders and oils, beetroot, winter greens, ale sauerkraut, turmeric, macca, black pepper, ginger and other superfoods. Includes 3 nights cabin accommodation. Unpowered tent and camper sites deduct $50. A special feature of this and our Keto Courses is guidance on the advantages of raw, lightly steamed, low or high heat baking with which cooking oils are best and why., and what the chemical changes in foods are.

Keto Get go: US$57 with our "Theory and Practice of Ketogenic Diets" and guidance on Intermittent Fasting and Alternate Day Eating for all conditions, Keto Recipies, ingredient lists, places to buy, course notes and recommending reading lists supplied.

Kombucha Feast Fasts

US$77 Teaching first and second brew Kombucha with the best of containers, E-Z structured water, sugars and teas and sources of best dried Kombucha starter kits. Kombucha is famous for its tasty organic acids with real taste and cleansing, rejuvenating sustaining qualities. Explore the many tastes of different types, such as cranberry, age, thyme, wild strawberry, currant and raspberry. And of course BlackTea Kombucha is always a delight. All course options include notes on How to Make the Best Kombucha and a NaturesDesign.NZMythos Glass with gold flower of life and PHI ratio proportions and a 9cm gold flower of life Energy Plate (Approx shipped value $50).

Root Juice "Clear My Joints" Fast

Great for arthritis, rheumatism and other joint inflammatory diseases with a rich diversity of Maori potatoes rich in flavonoids and carotenoids as raw Joice with cooked if just the juice is too much :-). Single food days rest digestion sending much energy to the body to cleanse and heal. Cleansing spices and herbs are added.

US$47 online anytime with all course materials, colors and flavours of European and Maori potatoes, organic grown differences, recipies, what happens when starches are cooked and how to best prepare your potatoes for eating after your juice fast.

Super Smooth Day Out

Any day you pick we organise. With us online or at Harmony.

US$47 providing many resources including "Great Smoothie Making" and other PDFs, super food recipies fr all the health reasons, where to buy worlds best organic an wild-crafted superfoods.

US$40 - 300 options with all materials including a Golden Mythos glass and smoothie powders shipped to you. Price negotiable depending on how many packets of smoothie powders you want us to ship or if you want to buy yourself from sources recommended.


SuperFeast Energy Mushroom Power Herbs

These are those we take. All 100g in Miron the best of all Glass. SuperFeast premium quality from traditional herb-producing regions of China with the highest Tao Qi energy available. it can take 10 kgs of astragalus root to make 1 kg of extract powder. Small doses over a longer period of time is the tonic herbal way. Start each one with ¼ - ½ tsp daily. Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea. Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals. 100g lasts a couple of months. How you respond and the benefits you get are up to you. Listen to and follow your bodies guidance. All are mostly as Organic as possible and may be wild-crafted. All are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Those keen on greatly increased energy love the concept of immortality, which is truly the idea of cellular regeneration to live in greater health, being happier, even more excited about being here, living and helping.

Free 5g sample of SuperFeast Mushrooms, different to those in your order, with every order and the cheapest SuperFeast price available online. Plus FREE postage on every order.  

Boasting names like Withania somnifera (botanical), Winter Cherry, and Indian Ginseng, Ashwaganda is my personal favourite that's been strengthening Yang Jing, Qi and Shen, Blood, Lungs and Kidneys for years. I love its wonderful warm energy though it is sort of bitter and astringent. Its a challenge it not being available and we'll let you know here as soon as it is again.

Ashwaganda is super safe. But, if you have a tendency towards hyperthyroidism, or have a nightshade sensitivity, then we would suggest proceeding with caution.  

One of the great tonic herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this dual-extracted astragalus has been used to cultivate a robust circulatory system, enhance surface and deep immunity, tonify the liver, support Spleen Qi and boost vitality.

Boosts circulation and detox, assisting Qi and Wei Qi healing especially in lungs, spleen and immune systems.  

Chaga, an anti-ageing, immunity-boosting powerhouse, is packed-full of beta glucans, adaptogenic betulinic acid, high levels of antioxidants helping the gut microbiom reduce inflammation throughout the body (including skin and psoriasis), and strengthening the liver and balancing of blood sugar levels. So its great fro stress and rboosts the energy that is so important to those adjusting to great change at these times.

As the sun quietens and cosmic energies come through more Chaga also helps our skin to make the melanin the processes both solar and cosmic energy and gives us increased pineal balance as we awaken to more heart-centered support of this planet and all beings.  

Cordyceps is a Daoist herb known as an adaptogen, Lung and Kidney tonic. SuperFeast vegan Cordyceps is produced via a unique liquid fermentation and is sustainably grown.

Cordyceps enriches, nourishes, tones and strengthens all things kidneys, and lungs, enhancing life and promoting general health and wellbeing.  

A potent adaptogenic herb revered by Taoist herbalists for over 2,500 years for its ability to replenish depleted kidney energy, Eucommia Bark builds a strong and flexible skeletal structure (especially knees and lower back), support tendon and ligament health and boost the libido.

Strengthens tendons and ligaments, sexual function, liver and kidney yan and jing helping with blood pressure.  

Ancient herbalists know Reishi is the ‘mushroom of immortality’, giving our very cells greater ability to adapt to the rapid changes in body, mind and health we are all going through together at during this massive shift in consciousness. Strengthen your spirit and immunity and everything in your life with our help, Reishi.  

Schizandra supports our website focus on being Unity Conscious fwith youthfulness enhanciing physical radiance, boosting sexual desire and as a potent reproductive tonic supporting kundalini and our hormones. As a nourishing adaptogenic herb Schizandra balances the nervous system, improves brain function, elevates immunity and supports all five major organs; releasing stress, aiding sleep, giving skin radiance, strengthening the home of Qi Kidney Yin, sexual function, lungs and respiration.

Shizandra berries are well worth including in the SuperFeast wellness health boost of mushrooms.

SuperFeast Solo Mushroom Healers 100g in Miron Glass

Mushrooms for Peak Health as we and GAIA evolve in Conscious Unity


The SuperFeast I Am Gaia blend celebrates the creative, feminine energy women and men are discovering again at this time as the become balanaced with both polarities and thus unity conscious!. All women; from the young to the young at heart. As a formula, I Am Gaia is a collection of the Orient’s most potent and revered tonic herbs, those traditionally used to invigorate and sustain feminine health. Men exploring their yin (feminine) energy within can benefit from I AM Gaia at times while maintaining the masculine yang balance.

Present in this power blend for women are angelica root, asparagus root, prepared rehmannia root, poria mushroom, white peony, schizandra berry, goji berry and jujube fruit extract powders.

tonic herbal 'multivitamin' designed for the fairer sex, you gorgeous embodiment of Gaia, you. Our favourite herbs for female health and healing play together in this delicious blend that is designed to nourish your Yin essence and hormones  

Jing's a super-blend of the Daoist herbal tradition’s most revered Jing herbs. Unified to cultivate energy in the kidneys & adrenals, this potent blend supports healthy hormone function, stamina and libido. Highly recommended is the Jing challenge, that is a special starting place for those low in energy starting gently with their "health reformation" "body rebuild". In such cases take it by itself for at least your first month, starting with only the 1/4 teaspoon or even less.

Jing builds core energy focused immensely on stamina, adrenals, kidneys, and kundalini hormones with Eucommia bark, cultivated cordyceps CS-4, goji berry, prepared rehmannia root, cistanche stem, dendrobium stem extract powders *dual extract.  

SuperFeast Mason's Mushrooms is a specialty blend of the world’s greatest and most powerful mushrooms designed to support immunity, hormonal balance and an increased capacity for full-body integration, especially the nervous and immune systems.

Functional mushrooms are grown on trees and work symbiotically with the forest and soil to unite the forests of Earth to maintain a super healthy ecosystem; this is what they do in our body too. All the herbs used in this blend are tonic, meaning they can be taken every day and will work to support your body to adapt to stress, support hormonal balance, and a healthy immune system so you can help ensure your body is protected.

With Mason's Mushrooms you get Wild Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s mane, cultivated Cordyceps CS-4, Agaricus blazei, Shiitake, Poria, and Maitake highly potent extract powders.  

Neural Nectar Super Blend feeds, nourishes and enhances the brain, supporting and enhancing mental performance, increasing mental energy, acuity and memory.

The team of semi-wild mucuna, semi-wild ginkgo biloba, semi-wild lion’s mane, semi-wild white peony and wild rhodiola working together in harmony support healthy nerves, brain and circulation helping me think more clearly and creatively, remember things more clearly and to especially relax in a more vagal nerve state where I can respond to the wisdom of the heart while listening with my mind.  

Qi has astragalus root, poria mushroom, codonopsis root, white atractylodes root, turkey tail mushroom, gynostemma leaf, jujube fruit. Its a blend of support for surface Wei Qi (Chi, Ki) and deeper circulating Qi energy within blood, reducing water retention, band boosting digestive fire, spleen and lung ability to take in the airborne Qi known as prana.  

Shen premium formulation of the most prized Shen herbs of the Orient may have wonderful effects on immunity, nervous system and endocrine system, however traditionally they were those that would directly support bringing forth a loving nature, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and acceptance as naturally expressed aspects of our being. The SHEN blend may be used in combination with a deep meditative practice, as well as psychological development modalities to support this extremely deep work.

Reishi is greatly supported in Shen with albizia flower, asparagus root, spirit poria, micro-ground pearl powder**, polygala, prepared rehmannia root, longan berry & aged citrus peel extract powders. *dual extract **non extract

Shen is one of the major Treasures of Daoism, & translated as our Spirit or higher consciousness. Shen herbs have been used for millennia to calm the mind & nourish the Heart so we may develop our own wisdom, joy & highest virtues; often alongside meditation & spiritual practices.

We truly experience the power of these SuperFeats of mushrooms and love them all, plus we share free 5g samples of ones you haven't ordered in every order for you to feel the energy holding them in your mouth then swallowing so your body can message you about all the do. Try them now.

Please share your experiences in awakening the best of health supporting others united in conscious unity. Email details on end of this page :-)

SuperFeast Power Blends 100g in Miron Glass

Your Super Feasting Energy Coach

As a practicing Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant, Kinesiologist and Massage Practitioner since 1982 David has done many detox fasts and cleanses including bowel cleanses, colonics, 12 days on brown rice, breathwork and 4 to 7 Day Dry Fasts with prana and no foods or liquids. As a practicing Naturopath, Remedial Body Therapist and Kinesiologist, Foot Reflexologist and Certified Rebirther since 1987 David has added many skills in Gemstone Energy Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba, Pineal and Consciousness Science. In 2000 he and his partner purchased Harmony, 20 hectares of centuries old native forest with 3 creeks and much ORMES energy, 23.5k north of central Dunedin city. He also deepens the experience of offers in Organic, Biodynamic and Forest Gardening. Harmony gardens and forest and David's cob Earth, Eco-buildings and 4k of forest trails offers much healing support to all sessions, courses and workshop. Harmony also provides a very high energy setting as the warehouse and showroom for Harmonising Energies and Natures Design NZ products with Air, Water, Food and Person protective, energising and revitalising products and courses.

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We advice on Allergy Free Diet, Bowel Cleanse, Brain Detox, Diets for Specific Health Conditions, Liver/GallBaldder Flush, Kidney Cleanse, Sinus Cleanse, Fruit Juice Fast, Vegetable Juice Fast, Water Fast, Dry Fast, Pranic/Chi Feasting and Breathing, Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Nutritional Healing programs for specific personal goals and healing, Vipassana style Silent Retreat, SuperFeast Mushrroms, Immune Enhancement, Cold Adaptation, Inner Fire, BAT Activation (Brown Warmth Fat, Mitochondria, Wim Hoff Method), Remote Healing, Remote Gemstone Therapy. .

We practice Earthing, Grounding, Sungazing, Sunbathing, Dark Room, Pineal, Kundalini, Immune, Wim Hoff Method), Qi Gong, Stress Release, The 5 Tibetan Rites, Optimal Exercise, Nature Listening and Inner Silence.
Breathwork, Rebirthing, Chakra Alignment, Pranic Living, Universal Breath, Cosmic and Yin/Yang Breath.
Iridology, Massage, Foot Reflexology, Muscle Testing with Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Life Coaching.
Sacred Geometries with Crystals, Gemstones, Shungite, High Energy Frequency Structured Water and EMF management.

Change your life by completing our assessment questionnaire and advanced personal energy consultations that take you to every level of health and wellbeing that you and your organisation want to achieve. Solutions and products build upon decades of experience and research.

< href = "">Indoor Red-light Therapy, Screen Time Eye Protection and Amber Evening Light for healing sleep

David Baillie, Awakening Consciousness Coach, Naturopath, Energy Medicine
David Baillie ND, BSc, RBT, RTC
Pranic Living Coach and Consciousness Explorer
Energy Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy
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