Vortex Energiser Spirals are core structural comopoents of the universe

Living Sacred Geometry

Shape, relationship, energy and form as Principles of a Conscious Universe


Sacred Geometry and Spirit Science rejoices in emergence into unity, loving relationship and joyful co-operation.To live joyfully is to live according to the principles by which the One Creator manifested this Universe from the tiny space of the heart with a twinkle in the eye and a spark of love in the womb. God is love and it is love alone that can create. Soul exists because of God's love for it and It gifts everything It creates Its own creative abilities.

The physical worlds offer the greatest potential for conscousness to separate itself from complete and total unconditional love. A veil is gifted to us so that we can learn to love ourselves and others without the distraction of remembering the love we all live within. Then the veil is pierced and heart realises its own ability to give and receive more love.

Star-tetrahdron as basic structure of vector equiibrium

Know the nature of love, light, sound, quantum field, scalar and electromagnetic energies. Recognise the same energies, shapes and forms at personal, planetary and galactic levels. Ancient knowledge and hermetic wisdom applying to the flower of life, sacred relationship, sacred sex, divine love, masculine and feminine will be revealed from a new prespective.

Explore new technologies such as the Vortex Energiser (pictured top) and other sources of Free Energy, The 3D and 4D+ shapes of the waves we know of as sound, light, photon, bio-photon, trion-re, strings, particles, atoms, molecules, water, DNA, amino-acids, micro-organisms, plants, animal, humans, planets, sun, solar systems, stars, galaxies, universes, the non-material worlds and planes of higher consciousness are explained. Life is much easier knowing the common principles of sturcture and funtion and the changes that occurred from 2007 through 2012 and continue through 2015 to 2030 as these solar and galactic wave, zero-point and vacuum energies change fast.

The real learning of sacred geometry must be customised to the prior understanding of the student. It must start with the framework by which the student sees/knows the world and it must produce a deeper understanding of its principles in all areas of the the students life. To achieve this it must be an apprenticeship relationship. It must be acknoledged that the student is also the teacher and the teacher is also the student who learns from the student. The course is based on the student being brought to the place where they can have the experiences that validate the course material for the student..

The Principal and leading tutor draws upon 36 years of exploration of other realities and dimensions and 12 years of teaching the subject on what was a free weekly ECourse availahle on this page. Their background in ecology, life coaching, naturaopathy and the health sciencies gives them the ability to teach a sacred geometry that is relevant to and improves the health, happiness, wellbeing and consciousness of the student.

The Living Sacred Geometry Course is based on a personal relationship with an experienced tutor and each student receives one hour of personal instruction online with their tutor each week for 3 years. This is the minimum and the student and teacher, may together decide to continue longer than this. This instruction can take place in person, by phone, email, private messaging and Skype.
Allow 3 to 6 hours per week to complete simple contemplative, drawing and imaginative/visualisation xercises that you will be given. Giving it any more time than this is optional.
The fee for instruction is NZ$1,996 per annum.
The fee for required course materials is NZ$1,693 once only and in the first year.
The course material has been refined in 12 years teaching the subject and is frequently updated.


To be considered for admission to this course email details about yourself, your understanding of sacred geometry, and what benefits you would like to recieve from study of it in more depth in 1,000 words or less to UnityConsciousorg @ gmail.co m (remove spaces). Make the subject of your email "Living Sacred Geometry Application" and give the date you would like to start. It is by that date that payment of the annual fee is required in full. The fee is refunded in full for up to 60 days if either the student or the tutor do not wish to proceed. There is no application fee. Student numbers are limited to 12 at any one time.

Free instruction in living sacred geometry and thte tools of that experience is also provided in newsletters and Q & A for those who benefit from the principles of living sacred geometry with spirals, vortex water energisers, clinic and land energisers, water eggs, golden-ratio carafes, bowls or drinks bottles to enhance their food, water, energy and life purchased from UnityConscious.org and Harmonsing Energies and NaturesDesign NZ

Wonders of Living Sacred Geometry is a paid subscription course which will be offered to students of the Former Free Living Sacred Geometry ECourse in the near future. If you asked and do not receive an email offering you this course by August 30, 2017 please bring this to our attention by emailing us at UnityConsciousorg @ gmail.co m (remove spaces.

Consciousness and Living Sacred Geometry is an advanced enquiry into music, geometry, cosmology, and your successful and loving relationship with the fundamental nature of the universe in all its key aspects.