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New Consciousness in Natures Design with Energisers and Harmonisers

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Restoring living quality to water, air, environment and food adding high frequency, spiral vortex, cosmic and crystalline energies to ypur bio-energy fields

Everything 100.00% NATURAL with added energy and frequency, yin-yang balance, and supporting increasing consciousness

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Alladin Carafe 1.3L with 250ml Mythos Glasses

1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design Natures Design Alladin Carafe (1.3 litre) and Mythos glasses in golden PHI ratio proportions and Flower of Life (FOL) energy matrix emblazoned into their base in 24 carat gold. On the right is the water crystal produced by the Emoto method after 3 minutes in the Alladin showing the water's change to a more liquid crystalline, full-spectrum water state. Each 250ml Mythos glass adds a 1 2 3 fibbonacci sequence to the Alladin's golden ratios of 1 1 2 3 5 and 8Golden Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Energy pattern on base of Natures Design Alladin Carafes and Mythos Glasses Water Crystal produced 3 minutes in Alladin Carafe, by Emoto method
Alladin Carafes 1.3L and Mythos 250ml with Gold FOL

All prices include international freight, GST for NZers and a 30 day unconditional money back gaurantee for items returned as new, excluding freight. Contact us for quantity prices.

Personal PHI Harmoniser Pendants

Persoanl PHI Spiral Harmoniser PendantsPersonal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants with golden ratios balancing sacred relationships and nurturing energies for balanced harmony. Providing energy medicine and protecting from EMF, WiFi and other "negative" energies. These energise your person and do the same for foods in fridges and cupboards. Each Adult PHI is almost 5 x 3cm and 17g. Mini-PHi, about 33m x 23mm and 7g, protect and help children, small plants and animals. Keeping their price low Mnin-PHI are to be purchased along with other products. Every pendant holds high frequency resonant energy water within hollow copper tubing for maximum health benefit. Read Choosing Your Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser Pendants (pdf)
Choose Your PHI Harmoniser Pendants
Choose how many MINI PHI you want included & their metal covers

Three Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

3 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants3 Spiral Triskelion Harmonisers for your person, water jug and energy medicine.
Approx 4cm diameter and 12-13g for you to wear or approx 6cm diameter and 23g for bedroom, clinic, kitchen, iiving or waiting room. Read Choosing Your Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser Pendants (pdf)
Choose your Triskelion Pendants and their metal coverings
Choose your 3 Spiral Room Harmonisers and their metallic covers

Four Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

4 Spiral Harmonisers for earth, water, fire and air energy on your person, at home and at work. All Harmonisers strengthen natural bio-energies and protect from EMF, WiFi and other "negative" energies. Approx 40x54mm and 19g for you to wear or approx 6cm diameter or about 60x84mm and 43g for bedroom, clinic, iiving room, waiting room or office. Read Choosing Your Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser Pendants (pdf)
Choose your Iona Pendants and their metal coverings
Choose your 4 Spiral Room Harmonisers and their metallic covers

Coconut oils for almost every healthy proglem and as the best oil to cook with. Salts directly from the sea for full spectrum minerals and ORMUS quality water. Seaweeds for 70+% protein, full spectrum organic minerals and ORMUS energy. Sea products are locally sourced. Shipment NZ only.

Persoanl PHI Spiral Harmoniser PendantsSilver PHI Stirrer for drinks, smoothies and soups. Silver plating over copper tubing containing high-frequenices of full-spectrum that help the spiral, and golden ratios give energy to all that you stir. Keeping their price low silver PHI Strirrer are only sold singly as part of larger orders. Beneath the sillver is copper tubing filled with water that encourages a sparkle of bio-energy and bio-photons that gives your foods an energy aura many taste and some see. Stir for 3 minutes. Size about 16x3cm, 21g. Read Choosing Your Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser (pdf)
Choose how many Silver PHI Stirrers you would like

100% Natural ECOFriendly Drink Bottles

Thankyou 100% natural completely eco-friendly 300, 50, 700 ml sizes for cold, warm and boiling hot drinks plus baby's milkNatures Design (TM) THANKYOU drink bottles for your water, green herb tea, kombucha, great green coffee. 500 and 700ml drink bottles may be heated to 70C and the hardened boro-silicate glass of the 300ml baby's milk and hot coffee bottles can be boiled. All are 100.00% natural eco-friendly.

All natures Design bottles have 1 1 2 3 5 golden ratio (fibbonacci) proportions, natural wooden screw tops and protective cork surrounds held in place by natural rubber rings. Baby bottle's natural teat is held in place with a metal ring that can be sterilized. The cork surrounds and Wooden tops on other bottles can be rinsed and washed but not immersed in water.
Select your THANKYOU

Sea Salt - Locally Sourced ORMUS Energy

Salts directly from the sea give full spectrum minerals that help make the highest ORMUS quality living water. ORMUS is the highest energy state that minerals can attain. ORMUS or ORMES quality brings water to a full spectrum living liquid crystalline structure that gives even more energy and deeper connection with nature, and an opening of the heart and pineal gland. Best salts include organic plant matter and some microbal life. We recommend 8% kelp and this gives a little more natural iodine to protect us from nuclear meltdowns, gives us more energy and help our pineals function at higher levels of consciousness. This is best achieved with addition to water of sea minerals from the local area in which you live. These salts are NZ sourced and supplied to NZ only. Salt is also heavy and worth buying locally. Inquire with us if you'd like prices and a free sample in your order.

Vortex Air Energisers and EMF Space Harmonisers

EMF Vortex Air Energisers and Space HarmonisersVortex Air Energisers combining the concepts of Viktor Schauberger, John Keely, Masaru Emoto and many others and building strong bio-fields staying healthy in toxic city, EMF, WiFi and air situations. Large is recommended for protection within the inensity of most city WiFi, EMF, RF situations and is approx 18cm Hhigh x 15cm wide and 390g. The Small EMF Space Harmoniser about 12cm high and wide and 167g is for rural situations or placement right by the WiFi modem/router and phone. Every Energiser holds high frequency resonant energy water within hollow copper tubing for maximum health benefit.
Choose your sizes and metal platings

Vortex Clinic Energisers

Vortex Clinic EnergisersVortex Clinic Energisers are given a specially energy focus by us to energise your own health issues and for general use in homes and energy medicine clinics. Placed in various positions on the body the Vortex Clinic Energiser relieves aches and pains, tones muscles, joints and tissue and brings energy to stimualte faster healing. In a room they energise the air and environment creating an ambience you grow to appreciate.

Vortex Energisers are filled with very high energy state water that supports healing throughout the body. Our body weighs in at 60-75% water and 99% of our molecules are water! The copper spirals can be plated with silver, gold or gold for additional benefits explained HERE. Size approx 200mmH x 185mmW. Weight about 376g.
Choose how many and metal platings you want

Vortex Water Energisers

Vortex Water EnergiserVortex Water Energisers combining the concepts of Schauberger, Emoto, Keely and others to enhance the quality of your living water giving it greater energy and more liguid crystalline structure. Size approx 200mmH x 185mmW. Weight about 376g. Read Energiser Effects on Water and Installation Instructions (pdf)
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Vortex Land and Industrial Sized Water Energisers

Industrial Vortex Water Energiser and Land EnergiserrVortex Land and Industrial Sized Water Energiser with cooper tubing 50% greater in diameter carrying nearly 3X the volume of high-frequency energise water of the standard Vortex Water Energiser in a larger size. Treats industrial scale sewage, septic tank, waste and compost. Reduces grass, crop and stock needs for water and fertiliser by up to 50% on much larger areas. Size approx 230mmH x 196mmW. Weight about 800g. Read Energiser Effects on Water and Installation Instructions (pdf)
Larger Clinic, Farm and Industrial Vortex Energisers

Water Vortex Revitalisers

Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiralShower of Life Vortex Water RevitaliserVortex Water Revitalisers shaping water with a DNA twist of twin spirals inside mains water pipes, sink tap and shower heads. Living Water Systems Living Water Systems have a great sit offering copper and stainless steel options in all sizes as straight and curvaceous "river of life" pipe, shower heads and sink tap systems.
We give advice and local help when you view Revitalisers HERE

Clay Ceramic Water Eggs

1.54.3 litre glazed ceramic water eggWater Eggs energise water within a continuous subtle energy flow producing a smooth, alive taste that makes tap, distilled and filtered water seem relatively dead. Our eggs include golden ratios and Viktor Schauberger's design principle of the vortex torus.

Enjoy the 1.5 litre Water Egg Jug on the table on left and draw water from your 4.3 litre Harmoniser Water Egg on the right for cooking, brewing, drinking and wine making. For it let us know whether you want an oak, poplar or sapple stand. These two include PHI Harmonisers. 14, 43 and 675 litre Wine/Water eggs are also avaiable by special inquiry.

Each one is hand-made, glazed ceramic (clay) and metal taps include food grade plastics.
Choose Jugs and 4.3L and how many you would like

All the above have a cumulative effect in creating the Full Spectrum Living Structured Water that helps us be super healthy and able to live our dreams.

A healthy, happy diet with exercise and real connection with nature and the divine is recommended

Free Living Sacred Geometry ECourse teaching basic design principles for a new consciousness with respect given to implosion feminine energy and current discoveries.

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