Vortex Water Energiser EMF Vortex Air Energiser Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiral Nature's Design Thankyou 100% eco-friendly, 100% natural materials range of drink bottles with golde-ratios for baby, water, and hot teas and coffees 3 and 4 spiral Vortex Harmoniser Pendants

Energy Restoring Tools for Air, Food, Water

Prana, Chi Consciousness, Health Coaching
Spiral, PHI Golden Ratio and Flower of Life

All prices include international shipping. For New Zealanders they also include GST. 30 Day guaranteed right of return or exchange.
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Carafes, Glasses, Vortex Straws, Water Bottles with PHI Golden-Ratios, Flower of Life, Water Crystals and All 100% Natural Components: NaturesDesign.nz


Personal PHI Harmoniser Pendants

Persoanl PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Golden PHI proportions balance sacred relationships and nurture energies for balanced harmony, protection from EMF, WiFi and other "negative" energies and increased health and energy. As pendant or in your pocket these reenergise you and in fridge, cupboard or beside your plat they also re-vitalise food. Adult PHI are around 5 x 3cm and 17g. Mini-PHI for children, small plants and animals are about 33mm x 23mm and 7g.

Every pendant holds high frequency structured water within hollow copper tubing for maximum health benefit. They can be plated with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for more health benefits explained in our pdf Choosing Their Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser Pendants

Due to shipping costs we only ship single copper and single silver-plated PHI Harmonisers to New Zealand addresses and as parts of larger orders shipped internationally. All prices include shipping. For New Zealanders they also include GST. For just one pendant shop here. For more than one skip to the next "Add to Cart" menu.

Choose Your Single PHI Harmoniser Pendants
Choose Your PHI Harmoniser Pendants
Choose how many MINI PHI you want and their metal platings

High Energy People have that extra radiance and glow of light about them. Organic foods, energised air, revitalised structured water and vortex energy spirals are a definite help to living in this world today.

Breathing to a deeper, steady rhythm starting in the belly and rising to focus on heart and feelings creates clarity of mind, deep level coherence and conscious awareness of our detoxification and full potential.


Three Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

3 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Ancient Celtic Triskele revitalise and heal water within your body and environment. Close to 4cm in diameter and 12-13g to wear and about 6cm diameter and 23g to create harmonious energies in bedroom, clinic, kitchen, iiving or waiting room. Beneath their metal every pendant is filled with high frequency resonant energy water for maximum health benefit. Eah can be plated with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for additonal benefits detailed in our pdf: Choose and Care Your Harmoniser

Choose your Triskelion Pendants and their metal coverings
Choose your 3 Spiral Room Harmonisers and their metallic covers

Four Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

4 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

4 Spiral Harmonisers heal and bring balance to earth, water, fire and air energy in and around us at home, at work and while travelling in between. Filled with high frequency resonant energy water these strengthen natural bio-energies and protect from EMF, WiFi and other "negatives". Near to 40x54mm and 19g to wear and about 60x84mm and 43g to create more harmony, health and energy in bedroom, clinic, iiving room, waiting room, schoolroom and office. For more information read our pdf Choosing The Metals and Caring for Harmoniser Pendants

Choose your Iona Pendants and their metal coverings
Choose your 4 Spiral Room Harmonisers and their metallic covers

Mobile Phone and Computer Harmonisers

The Mobile Phone Harmoniser is a copper Personal Harmoniser sealed in an attractive deep dark blue leather case. It works and can be used in exactly the same way as the standard Personal Harmoniser. It is designed for those who want the benefit of the Personal Harmoniser but don’t want to wear it as jewellery. Some of our customers prefer the sleek look of the leather to the bare metal. Size about: 41mm wide x 75mm long by 4mm deep plus a stick back pad. Mobile Phone Harmoniser in leather pouch
Computer Harmoniser in leather pouch

It is a portable device providing personal protection from electromagnetic radiations, both scalar and transverse wave. It is especially beneficial to users of mobile phones, but will protect from any kind of electromagnetic pollution that fills our environment. It reduces electromagnetic as well as geopathic stress. Within its sleeek leather case it conveniently slides with a mobile phone into purse, shirt or trouser pocket.. Those sensitive to EMF may also consider a 4 Spiral Room Harmoniser that is not bound in a leather case and may be suspended near the centre of a room at home or in an office. At a size of about 8cm x 6cm the 4 Spiral Room Harmoniser is something even those who are not so senstive may also carry to feel better within city environments. We feel a marked improvement in wellbeing when we have one in our pocket while moving about in cities and travelling in cars and planes. Both are guaranteed 30 day right of return in as new condition.

The Computer Harmoniser is a protective device for the computer. It fulfils the same function as the freestanding EMF Space Harmoniser at a more affordable price. It has a copper Personal Harmoniser sealed in at each end of an attractive deep dark blue leather case and blends in well in a modern office environment. It can be placed close to t he computer or fixed to the sides or back of its screen by means of adhesive pads. Those whose health is more sensitive to EMF and geopathic Earth energies also benefit from keeping the Computer Harmoniser with their latop in their backpack or hand language. The EMF Space Harmoniser sits on desk, table or shelf. Size of the Computer Harmoniser is about: 22.3cm wide x 7cm high x 4mm thick, with a stick back pads at each end adding abut 2mm. Guaranteed 30 day right of return in as new condition.

Moblie Phone Harmoniser - Choose how many
Computer Harmonisers - Choose how many

PHI Stirrer - Silver

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Adding energy to drinks, smoothies and soups with a stir. Silver plating over copper tubing with high-frequenices of full-spectrum water inside and golden ratio proportions give energy to everything mixed. Beneath sillver is copper tubing filled with water that encourages a sparkle of bio-energy adding light photons that give your foods auras of energy. Size approx 16x3cm, 21g.

Choose how many Silver PHI Stirrers you would like


Vortex Air Energisers
EMF Space Harmonisers

EMF Vortex Air Energisers and Space Harmonisers

Vortex Air Energisers build upon the concepts of Viktor Schauberger, John Keely, Masaru Emoto creating strong bio-energy fields protecting and healing people, animals and plants affected by adverse earth, EMF, WiFi, electricity and cosmic energies. Golden mean, spiral and "water" that is more than water combine to exceptional effect. The inventors achieve the placement of this "water" of unique ability inside copper tubes. Hand-crafted limited edition items hold many frequencies with healing effects. The large one (approx 18cm high by 19cm wide and about 390g) plated in silver is sufficient for household protection from WiFi, EMF and electrical situations and when in the same room protects those who are electrically sensitive. The smaller one aaround 12cm high and wide and about 167g is suitable for placement right by the WiFi modem/router and portable phone when living in the country. The high frequency resonant energy water is a unique feature that adds much health benefit.

Choose Size and Metal Plating


Vortex Water Energisers

Vortex Clinic Energisers

These Vortex Water Energisers add to the pioneering work of Viktor Schauberger, Emoto, Keely and others to enhance the quality of your living water. A unique feater is the high energy water inside these giving greater ability to transfer energy frequencies to water for a more energetic, smoother tasting water with more liguid crystalline structure. Size approx 200mmH x 185mmW. Weight about 376g. Pictured below is the Kirlian Energy Field created by the Copper Vortex Water Energiser and London tap water before and after treatment. On left we see the Kirlian Energy Field created by the Copper Vortex Energiser above. Reference.

London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water EnergiserCopper Vortex Water Energiser fitted alongside mains water pipe London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser London tap water almost completely empty of liquid crystalline structure before application of Copper Vortex Water Energiser
Choose How Many You Would Like

Vortex Land and Industrial Water Energisers

Industrial Vortex Water Energiser and Land Energiser

Vortex Land and Industrial Sized Water Energiser have cooper tubing about 50% greater in diameter and hold three times the volume of energised, high-frequency water compared to the Vortex Water Energiser above. Both increase aerobic action, treating sewage, septic tank, waste; stimulating compost and fertiliser response in farm, forest and industry. Both have increased grass and crop growth 200% while reducing grass, crop and stock needs for water and fertiliser by up to 50%. This industrial size covers 3 to 4 times the area and about 9 times the volume of the standard sze. It is also used to add even more energy in small situations. This size is a must for water pipes 25mm in diameter and larger. Size approx 230mmH x 196mmW. Weight about 800g. Effects on Water and Installation Instructions (pdf)

Larger Clinic, Farm and Industrial Vortex Energisers

Vortex Water Revitalisers

Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiral Shower of Life Vortex Water Revitaliser Kitchen Vortex Water Revitaliser

Vortex Water Revitalisers twist water into spiral flows the same shape as DNA inside mains water pipes, sink tap and shower heads. This produces structural changes in water with similar benefits to the Vortec Water Energisers. There are straight and curved copper and stainless steel options in all size, with 2 month Money Back Guarantee and 10 year Limited Warranty.

We give advice and local help when you view Revitalisers at Living Water Systems  

Vortex Straw and Stirrer

Water crystal formed in water sipped through Vortex Straw

The vortex, a natural phenomenon, underlies the design of the “Calamus” drinking straw. The fine spiral cut in this narrow glass tube gives liquids a powerful vortex movment, as seen in tornadoes, wild-flowing rivers, ocean waves and when water goes down a plug-hole. Vortex action has a cleansing action and increases the ienergy and smooth taste of water. The delicate structure of the hand-blown drinking straw takes its shape from the Golden Ratio. For children over 6 years.

Drinking water through the 24cm straw gives it more liquid cyrstalline structure and keeping a straw in a glass of water has a resonance effect in the water that also adds energy to the nearby environment and other water. Stirring with it structures the water with increasing effect as more of the divisions in the straw sit within the water (or other liquid). If the straw is only partially immersed place its smallest partitions lower most so at least the first three are in the water. Water may be stirred clockwise, counter-clockwise and both.

Experiment and taste your results. To be included freight free traws are only be shipped with other products. Boro-silicate glass safe to 100°C/158°F. Can be boiled.

Golden-ratio PHI and Fibbonaccia proportions and spiral lining of the Vortex Straw and Stirrer
Golden Ratio Glass Stirrer and Drinking Straw

Water Eggs

4.3 litre glazed ceramic water egg 1.5

Ceramic Water Eggs made of clay energise water with a continuous subtle energy flow that produces a smooth, alive, clean tasting energy not present in tap, distilled and filtered water. Golden ratios spirals within the egg follow Viktor Schauberger'sdesign of the vortex torus.

Enjoy the 1.5 litre Water Egg Jug on your table and draw water from your 4.3 litre Harmoniser Water Egg for improved cooking, brewing, drinking and wine making. Receive poplar stand for the 4.3 litre or et us know wan oak or sapple stand. Both Water Eggs are glazed on the inside and include PHI Spiral Harmonisers. The Jug is turned upside down to fill and the 14 litre has a tap that is metail and food grade plastic. Care instructions and emailed to all customers.

Choose How Many You Would Like


Dancing with Water

Dancing with Water 2nd Edition February 1987 Revised by M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans with 40% new material

2nd Edition 2017

The New Science of Water - A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring, Enhancing and Revitalising Your Water
M.J. Pangman & Melanie Evans

As a blend of the most recent advances in traditional science, and spiritual wisdom for our evolving planet, this book is a unique, engaging and well-referenced guide, providing insight into water's unique qualities and offers instructions for creating full-spectrum living water: how to structure, add information and energy ... and more ... opening the door to the "Age of Water' typified by reverence for nature and all life. Unique qualities inherent in water and its hidden potentials are ready to be awakened within us, as water beings. Are you prepared to become a conscious creator and participate in the Dance with Water?. 287pp. 40% new material. Feb 2017.

$36 shipped in NZ and $42 shipped to Australia.
USS18.99 plus shipping when purhcased at DancingWithWater.com

Choose number of copies with NZ Postage included

Herbs for Healing

Healing with Herbs readily available in NZ and Australia with Lorna Meusburger

The Authorative NZ Herbal Reference by Traditional NZ Herbalist Lorna Meusburger. Health conditions and herbs that treat them and A-Z of 170 readily available Herbs and the health conditions they heal. 266 pp. 80 colour images. 2017. Printed copies A4 spiral bound. $59 shipped (NZ).

Choose your number of copies with NZ postage included

Buy as an EBook for NZ$17. It will be delivered to your browser. Save the PDF before you close the page.


Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend

Earth Resoanace Paramagnetic Blend of Biotie Mica, Muscovite, Magnetite and Quartz Sands with 8,000+ CGS Basalt Sand

Genuine Dancing with Water as described in the book. A special blend of the highest quality with quartz, magnetite sand, muscovite, biotite mica and a basalt sand with the exceptional magnetic quality 8,000+ uCGS. Blend specially created to add the resonance of healthy, natural earth energies to all that is nearby. Seee "Dancing with Water" our Earthing EBook above for more information.

Place around, near or under (not in) food or water to add orgone ORMES bio-energy and structure that produces a greater content of hexagonal full-spectrum living water. Place one container inside another and fill the gap between. Glass is best, or use metal rather than plastic. Water will taste smoother and softer and foods will we have that extra energy taste.

Choose Amount with NZ postage included

ORMIS Energy Sea Salts NZ

100% NZ Natural Sea Salt, processed solely by sun and wind for full-spectrum natural and ORMES mineral content adn option to be combined wit kelp for extra iodine and organic plant minerals 100% NZ Natural Sea Salt, processed solely by sun and wind for full-spectrum natural and ORMES mineral content

Natural sun-dried salts from clean, nearby seas provides more full spectrum minerals in the ORMUS (ORMES) energy state to create the highest quality living water. Both the living hexagonal structure and ORMUS energy of water are increased when full-spectrum sea salts are present. Combine with Earth Resonance Paragmagnetic Blend and Vortex Energisers or keep water in a Water Egg to help salt structure water into a full spectrum living liquid crystalline matrix that gives plants, humans and animals more energy and immunity, connection with nature, and an increased consciousness. Best salts, such as these include kelp as organic plant matter and naturally occuring plankton.

These are totally natural New Zealand Sea Salts free of processing or additives byPacfic Harvest Kelp Salt™ with natural iodine and 80+ minerals that protect from radiation, give increased energy and open a more loving consciousness. These salts are NZ sourced, additionally energised in Harmony Forest before reshipping. The water is evaporated naturally to produce salt crystals using only sun and wind. At the end of each summer the natural salt is harvested in a way that maintains the balance of minerals and all goodness. All in plastic jars with shaker tops and seals to break before use. Can be transfered to glass with corrosion proof lids for greater energy retention.

Natural Sea Salts (NZ Postage only included)

Living Sacred Geometry Tuition

David Baillie's Living Sacred Geometry Tuition and Courses Logo

Explore our Living Sacred Geometry ECourses learning the design principles of nature for a new consciousness and respect of the feminine, and inward spiralling as well as outward, explosive energies HERE


Be A Deva

Be A Deva: Build relationship with animal friends, plants and other beings in your garden.

Take your garden, home, workplace and office to, to new levels of health and energy, as we do at Harmony. A series of simple exercises takes you on journey of increased understanding of and communication with all beings. Build relationships with animals friends and plants in your garden.Read Contents and Buy.


Earthing and Grounding

Magnetic Attraction - What is Grounding, Earthing and Giving You Energy

Connect to cosmic, solar and earth energies increases our energy, feeds us antioxidants, improves our nutrition and increases our longevity. Contact us for a PDF copy of our Earthing EBook. FREE to all customers.



The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

In contact with earth energies directly on the earth, beside our Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend or via earthing matts food and water becomes resonant with and energised by your local environment adding to the nutrition and energy it gives you.
Clint Ober's Earthing book is the most respected. He introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth's natural surface charge - being grounded - naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation in the body. This effect has massive health implications because of the well-established link between chronic inflammation and all chronic diseases, including the diseases of ageing and the ageing process itself.


Primal Fat Burner

Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life with a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet by Nora Gedgaudas with foreword by David Perlmutter

Live Longer, Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life with a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet

This January, 2017 book is one of our key reference texts because our organic high fat and low carbohydrate lifesytle gives us our ideal body-weights, lots of energy, clearer thinking and less inflammation and dis-ease. What was simply high-protein Paleolithic has become Ketogenic with moderate amounts of organic proteins. Nora Gedgaudas CNS NTP BCHN, author of popular Primal Body, Primal Mind and widely recognized Paleo expert and nutritionist, gives us revolutionary, scientific, accessible information on high-fat diet to maintain health, losing weight, and heal most chronic diseases.

Gedgaudas explains the benefits and science behind a ketogenic (or fat-burning) diet, which switches your metabolism from a dependence on sugar to running on healthy fats. Numerous studies in recent years changes the long-promoted anti-saturated fat and anti-cholesterol agenda; as a Naturopath have been teaching for over 30 years. Fat isn't a “no-no” but rather a “yes-yes”—if you know the right kinds of fats to eat. Gedgaudas explains changed understandings on what healthy fats in her accessible, enjoyable style and gives practical meal plans with recipes. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you consume fewer calories overall!

Writing the books foreword by Dr David Perlmutter, author of the bestselling Grain Brain, says, “Wonderfully actionable ... taking the reader from ‘why’ to ‘how.’” On this diet, you efficiently and effectively metabolize fat (ketones and free fatty acids), which are cleaner burning, and better used by the heart, brain, mitochrondria and all body cells, than glucose from carbs, starches, and sugars. Because the right quality fatty organic foods are so satisfying, you naturally wind up eating less - without feelings of hunger or deprivation. And natural dietary fat is ultimately the key to optimum health and longevity. Mitochronida support DNA repair and a high oxygen environment that cancer cells die in and insulin levels stabilise ending Type II diabetes and reducing insulin needs int Type I. Heart and blood vessel health can improve markedly.


Slim Spurling's Universe

The Light-Life® Technology - including the Tensor Ring

Slim rediscovered Ancient Science and the Tensor Ring as a closed cubit length loop generating a torsion energy field (torus, vortex) that energises all things placed insite it and gives foods and water increased hexagonal structure and ORMUS energy, by Cal Garrison

Sun Gazing

Deeper Meditation for Super Human Skills & Abilities

Sun-gazing in my personal experience can be safe when well hydrated with bare feet maintaining and Earth as in Earthing above. In this book Enga kahraba teaches the most common gradual introduction over nine months after which all taste for food, as well as aroma, all hunger pains and cravings disappears, improving health, immune system, never getting sick and perhaps living longer.

The Fourth Phase of Water

Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor

Highly respected as perhaps USA's leading researcher of E-Z water (Exclusion Zone) hexagonal water with living energy describing the living "snow-flake" structure tested for in our drink bottles, carafes, plates and glasses by the Swiss lab of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.
"Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in this field, and his discoveries can be expected to have important implications." -Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University.

Official Copyrrighted Nature's Design Logo1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design

Carafes, Glasses, Vortex Straws, Water Bottles with PHI Golden-Ratios, Flower of Life, Water Crystals and All 100% Natural Components: NaturesDesign.nz

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Vibrant Energy in Air, Food, Water and Home

Prana, Chi Consciousness, Health Coaching

Spiral, PHI Golden Ratio and Flower of Life

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The freedom of our progams lets you choose your own dates and times to be on retreat for 2 to 30 days, subject to vailability of our retreat accomodation. All accomodation, all organic food nd program materials, expert instruction, supportive coaching, teaching of the breath and supervious are included.

Progams for You to Choose From:
Allergy Free Diet, Detox Bowel Cleanse, Speific Health Condition Diet, Liver and GallBaldder Flush, Fruit Juice Fast, Vegetable Juice Fast, Water Fast, Dry Fast - Pranic/Chi Fasting and Breathing, Ketogenic Diet, Nutritional Healing progrmas for specifc personal goals and healing, Vipassana Silence Retreat with meals, Immune Enhancement with Cold Adaptation (Wim Hoff Method)

Core of Every Program: The 2.5 Day Weekend:
Eat healthy,, lightly and possibly even fruit or water fast for 1 - 2 days before coming. if your doctor can agree aslo stop alldrugs and medications (including deodorants and skin care). Book to start earlier in week if desired.
Friday 6pm Arrival, Acceptance and Orientation. Shared meal with individual needs met.
Saturday and Sunday 8am: Grounding, Bare Foot on Grass Earthing, Stretching, Sunwork. 9am: Feasting: Food, Water, Juice or Herbal Teas and Programs. 10:15am - noon: Health Instruction. noon: Feasting. 1 - 2:30pm free time. 2:30pm - 3:30 Instructional Training for those on soecial courses. 3:30 Liquid Feasting. 4:30 - 5pm. Guided Exercises. 5:30pm Feasting. 6:30pm departure for those not staying over in accomodation.
Times vary according to season. Those staying over have cold water immersion opportunities daily before main program starts, and evening fire bath and around-fire discussions.

7 - 30 Day Packages Include:
Group instruction and daily support daily in following subjects as chosen by participants for an hour each day.
Breathworks: Rebirthing, Chakra Breathing, Pranic Breathing, Universal Breath, Yiin/Yang Breath
Healing Arts: Chakra Healing, Gemstone Energy Medicine, Iridilogy, Massage, Foot Reflexology, Self Testing with Kinesiology, Energy Healing.
Sacred Geometry Practices: Crystals, Shungite, High Energy Frequency Structured Water, EMF management.
Ancient Practices: Earthing, Grounding, Sungazing, Sunbathing, Dark Room, Cold Water Immune and BAT Activation (Wim Hoff Method), Kundalini Energy Exercises, Qi Qong, Stress Release, The 5 Tibetan Rites and Best Ways to Exercise, Silence and Vipassana.
Optional Extras: Daily Individual Therapy Sessions $96 - $169, 1 to 2 hours. Enquire with David (details below) to pu ttogether your best health program.

Course NZ$67 - 197 per day depending on course. All materials, foods and GST included. Minimum course: 2 Days.
Accomodation for deepest experiences sleeping on site: Personal Cabin, bedding supplied $77, own sleeping bag $64. Unpowered site for own tent or campervan $47. 10% discount for 10 or more days and for shared cabins and partners sleeping in same space. 7+ days is best to fully explore Harmony Forest trails and to fully experience your self. Once your program is agreed upon and finalised it is confirmed by payment in full payment to Kiwibank account: J. D.Baillie, 38 9007 0258400 00. 50% of your fee refunded for at least 14 days notice of cancellation.

Do not bring or hand in on arrival all electronic devices, watches, plastic drink bottles and synthetic clothing, except footwear and coats. No smoking.
Bring your thoughts and feelings and as much loose fitting clothing of natural materials as possible. Battery powered razors and hand-powered toothbrushes - no electric tootbrushes. Only bring food or dinrks that have been agreed to by your Program Coach
Harmony is a substantial unwired and EMF free, 12V solar powered environment with high ORMES and Earth Resonnace Energies.
Take-a-way long standing friendships, freedom to be yourself and those PHI golden-ratio, Flower of Life bowls, carafes, energy plates, glasses, straws; foods, herbs, stirrers, ferments, shungite, shilajit and other products for continuation at home, when these are included in your chosen course. These and their costs will all be discussed with you before registration and payment.

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As a practicing Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant and Massage Practitioner since 1982 and before then David has done many detox fasts and clenases including bowel cleanses, colonics, 12 days on brown rice, breathwork and several 4 to 7 Day Dry Fasts with prana and no foods or liquids. As a pr;actising Naturopat, Remedial Body Therapist and Kinesiologist, Foot Reflexologist and Certified Rebirther since 19827 David has added many skills in Gemstone Energy Medicine, Sacred Geomety, Merkab, Pineal and Consciousness Science. Since he and his partner purchased Harmony, 20 hectares of centuries old native forest with 3 creeks and much ORMES energy, 23.5k north of central Dunedin city in 2000 he has also deepend experience he offers in Organic, Biodynamic and Forest Gardening. Harmony gadens and forest and David's cob Eearth, Eo-buildings and 4k of forest trails offers much healing support to all sessions, courses and workshop. Harmony alsoo provides a very high energy setting as the warehouse and showroom for Harmonising Energies and Natures Design NZ products with Air, Water, Food and Person protective, energising and revitlising products and courses.

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